Healthy Living Unit

Social Prescribing Service

Our Social Prescriber – Katy Travis

Many things affect our health and wellbeing – finances, social environment, what’s going on at home, to name a few.

For example, people may visit their GP because they may be feeling stressed about their work, money, or because they are lonely and isolated. The impact that these issues can have on our physical and mental wellbeing has been particularly clear as the nation responds to COVID-19.

But these problems cannot be fixed by medicine, or doctors, alone.

That’s where social prescribing comes in.  Social prescribing connects people to practical and emotional community support, through social prescribing link workers, who are based in GP practices and take referrals from all local agencies. Link workers have time to build trusting relationships, start with what matters to the person, create a shared plan and introduce people to community support.


Community Wellbeing Coaches

Our Community Wellbeing Coaches are here to provide support and advice to individuals to develop healthier behaviours and lifestyles

By working with you on a one to one basis, they aim to offer you practical support to help change your behaviours and achieve your personal goals to improve your health and wellbeing.

Our coaches will tailor the support given to you depending on your needs and offer solutions with you to produce a support plan.

How Can the Healthy Living Team Help me?

How Can Help Me

How to Contact the Healthy Living Team

To get in touch with our health and wellbeing team simply fill in the form below and Katy, our Social Prescriber will get back in touch. Alternatively, for an immediate face to face chat, why not book at your local surgery for one of our drop in Sessions.

  • Deepcar Medical Centre – Wednesdays 2:00pm – 4:00pm
  • Oughtibridge Surgery – Thursdays 10:00am – 12:00pm
  • Valley Medical Centre – Fridays 9:00am – 11:00am

    Classes and Groups available at SCLC to Improve your Health and Wellbeing

    Health and Wellbeing Courses

    Live Lighter

    A motivational 12 week course to support behaviour cahnge and promote weight loss

    G.P Referral Scheme

    Our exercise referral scheme runs for 12 weeks and offers people the chance to improve their health, fitness and wellbeing through excercise and support

    Health and Wellbeing Courses


    If you are over 50 and want to keep fit, mobile, and healthy this is the session for you. The workout will be all you need to improve your mobility and feel ‘worked’.

    Mondays 12:00am – 12:45am
    Thursdays 11:00am – 11.45 am

    Aqua Fitness

    • Suitable for all ages, our range of aqua fitness classes are a great way to work out using the resistance and buoyancy of the pool to tone and strengthen. Including, Aqua care, aqua fit, aqua fit deep water and swim fit. There is a class suitable for everyone’s ability in the pool.

    Various Classes Available
    Click here for more details

    Health and Wellbeing Courses

    S.P.A – Suicide Prevention and Awareness

    Meet with others to talk, with informal discussions giving mind-set support and advice Support links available

    Every Friday 2-3pm

    Door 43 – Support Group for 13- 25 year olds

    Support group for those aged 13-25 · Meet and chat with optional exercise choice · Group activities · Support links available

    13-16 year olds – 3.30-4.30pm
    17-25 year olds – 4.30-5.30pm

    Sporting Chance – Men’s Sport and Chat Group

    Sporting Chance supports men aged 50+ to keep active both physically and mentally and creates a strong community to reduce loneliness

    Mondays 1:30pm – 3:00pm

    Me Time Coffee & Chat

    Free refreshments and a chance to have a good natter and a bit of me time

    Wednesday 1pm – 2pm

    Booking a Group or Class

    To book onto one of our many groups or classes contact us on 0114 288 3792